Wednesday, August 22, 2012

NYX Soft Matte Lip creams: Monte Carlo & Amsterdam

I'm very much in love with the Soft Matte Lip cream line of Nyx that I have almost all of the shades. When I say almost I mean I only have one shade missing which is Tokyo. Yeah, OA ba? HAHA!

So here I'm going to review the Red shades of Nyx Soft Matte Lip cream line which are Monte Carlo and Amsterdam.

Tadha! say Hi to my little sister's mouth! :))


In my opinion the texture of the lip is same as when you melt a lipstick and let it cool halfway then add gloss to it. Did I make any sense? Its not gooey as a lipgloss and not hard like a lipstick, it's a cream, oh, a better comparison would be the texture of Nivea creme, velvety.

When you glide the wand on your lips it will first be somewhat glossy but after a minute or two it sets into a matte finish. It has intense pigmentation and beautiful, rich color. 



Amsterdam has yellow undertones. In person it looks like it has hint of orange in it. It will suit people with warm-neutral undertones. 


Monte Carlo has blue undertones, its pretty obvious when you compare Amsterdam and Monte Carlo. This color would compliment the people with neutral-cool undertones.

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